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  1. Andrea Rossi

    Andre Blum:
    The 1MW plant is similar to the one tested in October 2012.
    Warm Regards,

  2. Andre Blum

    Dear Andrea,

    In the Lugano report, I was (pleasantly) surprised to see a new device, smaller than we had seen before, and made of alumina. Is this new design what you are now using in the 1 MW setup at the customer? Or is that 1 MW plant still based off the older design; or perhaps an altogether new one? What does the 1 MW setup look like now? Are we still talking a 20ft shipping container form factor? Does everything fit inside the container now (nothing on the roof, etc?)? Presumably it is still used to heat water?

    Thank you for your answers, good luck with your hard work

  3. Andrea Rossi

    Dear Dr Seshavatharam, Dear Prof. Lakshminarayana:
    An answer from you to Wladimir Guglinski appears to be strongly called.
    We’d be delighted to receive it.
    Warm Regards,

  4. Andrea Rossi

    Frank Acland:
    I dedicate all my time to my 1MW baby and the connected R&D. I honestly am very positive: it is a magnificence, even if a lot of problems had to be resolved and probably will have to, but our model is NASA: how many failures before arriving on the Moon with the boots. “Non mollare mai” ( Never give up). Mostly all of my time goes to this, but also, in collaboration with nuclear physicists I am working on a theory that could explain the results of the report. I think that we will be able to reconcile everything with good sense and in full respect of the Standars Model. The dark side is that I have time for nothing else.
    Obviously this effort is shared by all the Team, in particular the electronic engineers, who are making a masterpiece to harmonize an orchestra of 103 E-Cats with a quite complex play of Cats and Mice; the control system is made by about 100 computers . This wonderful Team is writing a page of History; every component of this Team is working at the maximum of his capacity.
    Thank you very much for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,

  5. Wladimir Guglinski

    JR wrote in October 20th, 2014 at 12:57 PM


    Wlad said: “Eernie, the existence of the halo neutron in the 11Be with orbit radius 7fm can be explained only by considering the nuclear model proposed in Quantum Ring Theory.”

    Slight correction: he forgot to mention that it can also be explained by any of the half-dozen or so calculations shown in the paper that made the measurement. Most if these were predictions made before the measurement, if I remember correctly.

    of course Mr. JR knows Nuclear Physics better than Dr. Wilfried Nörtershäuser of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry, who wrote:

    “By studying neutron halos, scientists hope to gain further understanding of the forces within the atomic nucleus that bind atoms together, taking into account the fact that the degree of displacement of halo neutrons from the atomic nuclear core is incompatible with the concepts of classical nuclear physics.”

    And since it is impossible to find a coherent theory for explaining the halo neutron of the 11Be, that’s why Dr. Wilfried Nörtershäuser proposed that phantasmagoric solution:

    Thus, it is highly likely that the neutron can expand into classically forbidden distances, thereby inducing the expansive ‘heiligenschein’.”.

    the neutron is like a rubber… or a ghost… he he he

    And Dr. Wilfried Nörtershäuser fails when he says the following:
    The riddle as to how the halo neutron can exist at such a great distance from the core nucleus can only be resolved by means of the principles of quantum mechanics.”

    actually it cannot be resolved by means of the principles of quantum mechanics, because the principles of quantum mechanics are wrong.

    If the principles of quantum mechanics were correct, the even-even nuclei with Z=N would have to have NON-null magnetic moment.

    Dear JR,
    I and the readers of the JoNP are waiting yet (since September !!!!) the Dr. Seshavatharam and the Dr. Lakshminarayana (a nuclear physicist) to come here to explain how the even-even nuclei with Z=N may have null magnetic moment (since from the principles of quantum mechanics they cannot have null magnetic moment).

    Dear Mr. JR,
    please ask to Dr. Seshavatharam and Dr. Lakshminarayana to come here to explain it to us.

    If they do not come, I and the readers of the JoNP will start to think that quantum mechanics was developed from wrong principles.


  6. eernie1

    Dear Wlad,
    One other idea I have been kicking around is the possibility of creating Rydberg atoms of Hydrogen or Lithium in Andrea’s device by the fields generated with his pulsed input power plus heat. The electrons in their large orbits contain relatively large energies and because of their orbit size, large electric dipole values. This makes it relatively easy to detach them from their parent nuclei and containing much energy, free to interact with the Nickel lattice. Perhaps with an assist from a magnetic field created by the Nickel nuclei at an elevated temperature. We can be talking about energies between UV and the lower x ray spectrum.

  7. Frank Acland

    Dear Andrea,

    I am sure it’s been a busy time since the TPR2 was published. Are you able to devote much time to your 1MW plant project, and if so, how is work progressing with it?

    Many thanks,

    Frank Acland

  8. eernie1

    Dear JR,
    An interesting aspect of QM is that the basic equations were derived from mathematical relationships called Fourier series which described the relationship between frequency and time of a wave. By mathematically adding the simple sine and cosine series through a variation of phase and amplitude, both Schrodinger and Heisenberg concocted their equations which described the relationship between motion(energy) and time of individual particles. throw in a bit of field theory and you can( if you are a half way decent mathematician) predict all sorts of weird situations. With the aid of a bit of dimensional analysis you can also link the various universal constants together. This approach was used by people like Einstein and Dirac to predict various scientific outcomes such as antimatter and relativistic effects. My point is you can mathematically predict almost anything, but only direct observation of a result can give complete confidence. By the way, are you connected in any way with Argonne Labs? I did some work with a researcher named Smaller in the late 1950 which involved electron spin. He was quite a competent physicist.

  9. Andrea Rossi

    Koen Vandewalle:
    The robot,scared, obliged.
    Warm Regards

  10. Koen Vandewalle

    Dear Andrea,

    This report is not for dummies.

    A lot of what was written, is meant also to explain to the intended public that good attention was made not to make measurement errors, while hiding important IP issues.

    We learn that the resistances are “coils” with Ni alloy. That was new. We don’t know their (individual) “coil-icity” nor each of their “resisanc-icities”. So any speculation may be wrong.

    I assume that you did not allow to use some endoscope, or to put some product in it to allow the professors to look through the walls and components of the E-cat, the way sometimes weldings are being checked. I would not allow that if I were you. So it is very normal that you were there when the device was opened. It is also very normal that the professors could not use pliers by themselves to open the device.

    The E-cat is not using DC nor sinewave 3-phase. E-Cat is not a 3-ph motor nor a transformer, nor anything else that is well known. So everyone should pay attention not to use simplified formulas from basic theory books.
    One can only use information that is for sure, and if in doubt, take the worst-case approach.

    The poweranalyser is basically a computer that interprets in a “state of the art”-way every signal of every probe connected to it. You just have to be sure that you don’t use signals that are out of range of the probes and the computer. For the rest: follow the manual. Amen.

    Kind regards,

    PS: If I ever meet your spam-robot in real life, he (or she) owes me a drink.

  11. JR


    Wlad said: “Eernie, the existence of the halo neutron in the 11Be with orbit radius 7fm can be explained only by considering the nuclear model proposed in Quantum Ring Theory.”

    Slight correction: he forgot to mention that it can also be explained by any of the half-dozen or so calculations shown in the paper that made the measurement. Most if these were predictions made before the measurement, if I remember correctly.

  12. Andrew

    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    I believe that there are some clarification that either you, or the professors through you have to make, to justify the relevance of the TPRII.
    You have already commented on this but your answer was not satisfying at all.
    You stated that the behaviour of the resistances changes and it’s Not linear (in particolar behaving as a negative resistance from 500-1200 and holding constant from that temperature on) .
    But we all know that inconel has not that characteristic, with or without reactions involved.
    Therefore i believe that you can’t just state that you cannot comment further on this, especially being aware that through the report some fundamental mistakes are carried out such as :
    Page 14:

    ”Measurements performed during the dummy run with the PCE and ammeter clamps allowed us to measure an average current, for each of the three C1 cables, of I1 = 19.7A, and, for each C2 cable, a current of I1 / 2 = I2 = 9.85 A.”

    That is sistematically wrong since I2=I1/1.732

  13. Andrea Rossi

    Your comment is a typical example of the effects of the stupidities made by fake experts like “Raman”, that act as Professors, but lack the foundamentals of Physics, Electronics and Electrotechnics. The effects are that persons like you, clearly missing a professional understanding of the matter, instead of reading seriously a Report written by 6 Professors with a life dedicated to Science and Physics in particular, read the stupidities of imbeciles with an agenda and make us loose time to answer to absurd objections. I am not angry at you, you are just a candid non-expert-person, I am angry because every stupidity gets attention and we, honestly, do not have the time to answer. As you have perhaps read, I already suggested as a reference the wonderful book “Electronics for Dummies” to the “Prof” you got inspiration from, but he does not listen to me and continues to repeat the same stupidities.
    The coils of the reactor are made with a proprietary alloy, and the inconel is only a doped component of it. Your phrase “”with or without reactions involved” is pretty arrogant, and such arrogance, perhaps, forbids you to try to understand what I wrote. If you read carefully what I wrote and what is written in the Report, you will see that “with or without reactions” is a stupidity. The nature and composition of the coils are of paramount importance in our IP and for obvious reasons I will not give any more information, albeit you demand to me not to “state that (I) cannot comment further on this, ESPECIALLY BEING AWARE THAT THROUGH THE REPORT SOME FUNDAMENTAL ( SIC!) MISTAKES ARE CARRIED OUT, SUCH AS..” and at this point you add another titanic stupidity that the Readers can find in your comment: whom do you think you are talking with ?
    And here is the answer to your titanically stupid statement ( I know, you are not the author of the titanic stupidity, you are just parrotting the suggestions of “Prof” Raman): just, please read … I will write in very simple language, to allow you (and “Prof” Raman, who insists not to buy ‘Electronics for Dummies’ as I suggested him) to understand, with a small effort and some focus (to Raman I suggest not to chew a gum at the same time).
    Warm Regards,

  14. Andrea Rossi

    Tom Conover:
    Ms Vessela Nikolova ier referring to a book she wrote. Nothing to do with the Report of the ITP.
    Warm Regards,

  15. Tom Conover

    Hello Andrea Rossi and Vessela Nikolova,

    Still hoping for published article, perhaps is that what Vessela Nikolova refers to when saying “The publication is a matter of days”? Your replies to our postings are treasures to store for us, we look forward to climbing the lattice with you into the new energy age of abundant, clean, and renewable power.

    Tom Conover

    ref: Vessela Nikolova
    October 18th, 2014 at 4:23 PM
    Hello Andrea, after about one year my book has come to an end. The publication is a matter of days… I wish you a nice day.

  16. JCRenoir

    Dr Rossi:
    Will the Professors of the ITP answer to the comments made about their report?
    Thank you,

  17. Andrea Rossi

    The Professors told me that they are discussing the questions that merit an answer and that will answer to such questions by means of updates of the report published on
    Their report will be then periodically updated with all the necessary answers.
    Warm Regards,

  18. George

    Dear Dr. Rossi, needs to be done soon with the hot cat or our planet because of oil and fossil fuels will have serious problems. See the video of NASA

  19. Wladimir Guglinski

    eernie1 wrote in October 17th, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    Dear Andrea,
    I have read much discussion by critics about the role of the independent test in verifying your device. They claim since the test was not 100% independent because of your minimal involvement, the whole test was not admissible as evidence.

    Dear Eernie,
    suppose that Rossi had invented the plane, and he invited you to test his invention, as follows: driving his plane, you would have to cross the sea between USA and Europe.

    But as you do not know how to drive his plane, the test started with Andrea Rossi giving you instructions on how to drive his invention.

    So, after some explanations, you did put the plane to fly, and you alone crossed the sea.

    But of course some people would claim:

    “The test of the Rossi’s invention made by Eernie is not 100% independent, because Eernie crossed the sea between the Europe and USA with the Rossi’s plane, however Rossi gave to him some initial instructions on how to drive the machine”

    I have doubt if such sort of critic is 100% reasonable.


  20. Wladimir Guglinski

    eernie1 wrote in
    October 10th, 2014 at 10:43 AM

    1) ———————————
    Dear Wlad,
    Since the Halo Neutron of the 11Be has been observed, the possible existence of a Halo Neutron in the 7Li cannot be ignored despite the theories of the SQM.

    the existence of the halo neutron in the 11Be with orbit radius 7fm can be explained only by considering the nuclear model proposed in Quantum Ring Theory.
    See 5- Halo neutron 4Be11 in the page 69 of the paper Stability of Light Nuclei:

    For supposing a 7Li with halo neutron would also require new foundations for Nuclear Physics, as those proposed in my Quantum Ring Theory.

    My aim is just to show that there is no way to explain cold fusion by considering the current principles of the Standard Nuclear Physics, since the current nuclear models are not able to explain even many other puzzles, like the halo neutron of the 11Be.

    2) —————————————–
    Assuming its existence and the looseness of its bond in the 7Li nucleus, there are a number of possibilities for creating and applying enough energy to allow the neutron to be expelled with added energy. One use for the hydrogen protons added to the device may be to create multiple microwave ovens in the cracks of the Ni complex. My reasoning is that the cracks contain a strong magnetic field created by the heated NI atoms which align the spins of the H protons inserted into the cavities of the cracks. Then with the influence of an applied RF field(pulsed) the ensuing microwave oven RF then causes the 7Li nucleus to release its Halo Neutron and the dance begins. I have other thoughts about the possible generation of stimulating energy, but I need more time to think about it.
    Wlad, Has Pandora’s box been opened?

    No if you keep the current foundations of the Standard Nuclear Physics.


  21. Andrea Rossi

    Patrik Wiksten:
    I do not know if you will read this comment, because probably you do not know we reported the link of your “Open Letter” published on LENR Forum.
    I just want to thank you for the paradigma you offered of a Galilean way of thinking opposed to a paradigma of “Sancta Inquisitio” way of thinking.
    The Professors just made measurements and, while I agree upon the difficulty to reconcile the 62Ni percentage shift – about which we are studying and I hope soon we will have a plausible answer, totally respecting the Standard Model – I did not see any serious critic of all the complex calculations made in the published Report, while I saw many mistakes, like ” the clamps have been swapped” ( false), ” the calculation of the resistances shows that the E-Cat does not respect the Ohm’s Law” ( false, the resistances do not have a linear response to the temperature in the coil of the E-Cat and the behavior is totally different from the copper cables, as well as from regular inconel), ” the color of the alumina at 1300°C is white heat” ( stupidity, Alumina becomes white heat only when it melts at 2070°C and compare it to the glass is an elementary mistake), “the multiplication of voltage time amperage gives an amount of energy superior to the one declared” ( yes, but the control system continues to change the phase angle, and this wrong calculation has been made assuming that the values are always at the peak, and this is obviously wrong) and so on, with an innuendo that the Professors of the ITP are not able to connect a Wattmeter, to measure a Temperature, and insulting them: exactly like the Sancta Inquisitio, who wanted to burn alive Galileo, just because he was discovering something that was different from the consolidated and universally shared knowledge of the time. Your open letter is very intelligent.
    About ” The Cat is dead”: I am sorry for Dr Pomp, but the Cat is very healthy and on the verge of a commercial breakthrough, because to make him alive or dead is not the Sancta Inquisitio of Dr Pomp, but is the market. If the Customer makes profits with the E-Cat, the Cat is alive, otherwise he is not: I can assure the Cat is pretty healthy: makes many exercise, does not drink alcohol, does not get illegal drugs and somebody recently has experienced he could become a tiger, if necessary, now and again. I also would like to underline the fact that the Cat has never, anywhere, used a single cent of the Taxpayer.
    Warm Regards,

  22. Andrea Rossi

    Henry Ethancourt:
    Thank you for the information.
    Warm Regards,

  23. Henry Ethancourt

    Hello Mr. Rossi,

    Surfing on the web yesterday, this link came to my attention: it is an open letter to Dr Pomp:

    Enjoy, :)


  24. Andrea Rossi

    Vessela Nikolova:
    Good luck!
    Warm Regards,

  25. Vessela Nikolova

    Hello Andrea, after about one year my book has come to an end. The publication is a matter of days… I wish you a nice day.

  26. Andrea Rossi

    Gunnar Lindberg:
    Thank you for your kind words.
    About rumors, as I always said, I strongly suggest not to take them seriously. Real information is given in due time and it is given first time, when it is due, on this Journal. Until you do not read an information on this Journal, regarding our activity, just disregard it. Whatever it is.
    Warm Regards,

  27. Gunnar Lindberg

    Dear Andra Rossi,
    The result of the third part evaluation is indeed very promising. From now, I´m sure, everything will happen fast.
    Can you confirm the rumor that Elforsk is buying one of your megawatt plants? This will undoubtedly speed up the certification of the domestic cats.
    Best regards
    Gunnar Lindberg

  28. Andrea Rossi

    Dear Ernie:
    Obviously you are right.
    Now, let’s go to make happy the Customer, aka let’s be able to make him earn money from the plant. If the Customer gets profits, the plant works well. If the Customer does not make money, the plant does not work well. With or without the contact with the inventor.
    Most of critics of the ITP report, as far as I could read, are of the genre that should they look at me and see me to walk upon the surface of a lake, they would say: ” Hey, look at that moron, at his age is not even able to swim”. Too much work to do: no more time to listen this blabla.
    Warm Regards,

  29. eernie1

    Dear Andrea,
    I have read much discussion by critics about the role of the independent test in verifying your device. They claim since the test was not 100% independent because of your minimal involvement, the whole test was not admissible as evidence. First of all using their criteria for independence, it is not possible to create an independent test because they claim there must be no contact by the creator of the device. Of course if you cannot have interaction with the inventor, how can you duplicate the device? At least the inventor has to give instructions on how to assemble and operate the device. When a device is submitted to Underwriters Lab (UL) they provide only independent testers. This is what your test reported. The argument can only be about the credentials of the testers which are better in my opinion than most tests of this nature.

  30. Paul


    Thomas McGuire and his team at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works have achieved a remarkable new magnetic configuration to contain a hot fusion reaction. They are still billions of investment dollars away from a practical solution to the worlds energy problems.


  31. Andrea Rossi

    Very interesting, thank you.
    Warm Regards,

  32. Andrea Rossi

    Jean Pierre:
    Yes, I have been told that other Professors, besides the ones that have signed the report and its Appendixes, have participated to the reviewing of the Report during its making and before the publication.
    Warm Regards,

  33. Andrea Rossi

    Rafal Krych:
    Thank you for your suggestion,
    Warm Regards,

  34. Andrea Rossi

    Christopher Calder:
    It does not work that way. First, we need the safety certification, then we can sell the domestic units. We need several years of proper operation of the industrial application, then there will be the base for a certification protocol. it is true that our 1 MW plants have been put for sale in the late year 2012, but the first plant that has been sold to an industrial Customer and that can generate statistics for the certification is quite recent.
    Warm Regards,

  35. Dear Andrea and JoNP Readers,
    in this apparently calm period after the ITPR I will use the occasion to mention some other consequences of the “electron mediated LENR hypothesis” I mentioned in my previous recent posts. Always in the hope that someone will comment/criticize/suggest.

    Ni64 is the Source of Copper 65
    The experimental results say that Ni64 is depleted by the LENR. I therefore gather that Ni64 has a magnetic moment (quadrupole or higher) that allows it to react and become Ni65. Ni65 then decays beta to Cu65 (with a half-life of 2.517 [h]):

    16: Ni64+e+p ->Ni65+neutrino+ (max) 5.15 [MeV]
    Ni65 ->Cu65 + e- + antineutrino + (max) 2.138[Mev]

    I think this is the origin of the isotope shift described in the Rossi-Focardi paper “A new energy source from nuclear fusion”. In that report the natural isotope ratio between Cu63 and Cu65, equal to 2.24, was found to have shifted to 1.16 in the ashes. I suggest that that shift was due to the addition of Cu65, in an amount exactly equal to the Ni64 that reacted.

    Decay of Ni69
    Ni69 is radioactive, with a half-life of 76,000 years, and decays almost exclusively via electron capture. The branching to positron emission is only 0,000037%. Therefore if this isotope remains in the charge only as traces it will not cause significant gamma radiation (for a 0.55 [g] Ni charge …). A problem remains in the fact the that the X ray emissions (in the range of a few [keV]) that follow the electron capture should have been measured.

    Lithium Isotopic Shift
    The LENR I propose for Lithium, differently from what happens for Nickel, lead to an enrichment in Li6 only because the two become He4 at different rates. This means that the total amount of Li should decrease together with the Li7/Li6 ratio.

    Reactions that Generate Power
    It is interesting to note this: if the main source of energy of the tested Hot-Cat were the isotopic shifts of Nickel and Lithium, the net power should have decreased during the test, simply because the amount of reactants decreased progressively (confirmed by the isotope analyses). Instead the net power production remained quite constant, and even grew during the last 4 days. This fact suggests that a progressively growing part of the energy of the test came from reactions that are different from the isotopic shifts. I think that these reactions are the reaction 1-4 of my first post on this.

    Andrea Calaon

  36. Dear Dr Rossi:

    You have industrial use certification for the E-Cat. My suggestion is to design and sell a 10 kilowatt industrial use only portable space heater. That would prove the technology works, provide you with a stream of income, and over time convince the certification agencies that it was also safe for home use. That would require only one E-Cat unit to be used and controlled, and the reactor would only be heating air with radiant reflectors and a simple fan mechanism. You could design the unit then get a preexisting factory somewhere to build them for you by the thousands.

    Just a thought.

    Best Regards, Christopher Calder

  37. Joseph Fine

    Koen Vandewalle,

    Thanks again for shedding some light on this matter.

    Joseph Fine

  38. Rafal Krych

    Dear Andrea,

    After looking at recent 3rd party report I’ve noticed that Hot E-Cat can keep high temperature like 1400 °C for long periods of time.
    It actually makes it a perfect candiate to replace burners used in Lime Kilns:

    The limestone calcination process requires temperature below 1000 °C and consumes around 20kWh of electric power per tonne of lime. The coal fired lime kilns produce additonally 259 kg/t of CO2 and natural gas fired produce 206 kg/t of CO2. The Hot E-Cat might be in form of hollow pipe (similar to October 2011 model shown in Bologna) throuh which air is being pushed and heated. This air can be then used to heat limestone inside kiln. Lime kiln example, just imagine that burner is replaced with Hot E-Cat:
    Usage of Hot E-Cat here will cut both heating costs and carbon dioxide emissions drastically. Sounds like good business oportunity when you finally start introducing your technology to market.


  39. Hi, Andrea.
    Please correct me if my memory is faulty. I seem to recall that you said in the past that the current investigating team was enlarged and that there were professors who were representing the USA, Europe and the far East. Please indicate which of the team represented the USA and the far East. All the authors seem to be from Europe. Thanks for all your dedicated E-CAT work and the time taken to answer peoples’ questions.

    Jean Pierre

  40. Andrea Rossi

    John Atkinson:
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Our R&D continues , focused upon the 1 MW plant, I am not able now to know which information will be given day by day, but now we are working exclusively on the commercial breakthrough and the theoretical problems regarding the results of the Report. Anyway: any information that will be fit to be given, will be given to our Readers. This answers also to many other Readers that have commented on the same topic.
    Warm Regards,

  41. Koen Vandewalle

    Joseph Fine,

    “Let there be light”. There seems to be proof of that :

    A little further in the abstract (of the previous experiment that you mentioned), after a lot of subsequent details, is written that there are created “two lights”.
    At that time, they had no blogs to fill yottabytes with, so there might be some confusion about how to understand this concept of “two lamps”.
    But officially, there is room for a second lamp, independent from the bright and hot one.

    Kind Regards,

  42. John Atkinson

    Mr. Rossi,
    I have followed your hard work and dedication for several years now. I believe it has been through the grace and shield of God you have been able to withstand the ridicule and slander thrown your way throughout the independent study process. I realize the commercial plant completion and assimilation is now your primary focus, and with Gods continued guidance will shine the light on the path you will follow.I have one question. For the next year, what new developments should we look forward to and or information given to us while the plant is being built and tested? Thank you you for all of your hard work and dedication.

  43. Andrea Rossi

    Steven N. Karels:
    1- yes
    2- confidential
    3- confidential
    4- mostly yes
    Warm Regards

  44. Steven N. Karels

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    In your internal testing, have you:

    a. Run an eCat reactor to fuel exhaustion?
    b. If yes, then what was the lifetime of the run?
    c. If yes, Did the thermal output begin to decrease as the fuel was consumed or did it remain constant and then suddenly decrease?
    d. Was the run what you expected based on your theory of operation — i.e., you got a certain amount of excess energy out and this corresponds to the fuel mass?

    I understand you may not want to release this information but this does not deal with the internal workings of the eCat so I think it is a fair question to ask.

  45. Andrea Rossi

    Italo R.:
    We are working on all this issue in all the due directions. We are throughly studying the results and I am convinced that we should arrive to a reconciliation, taking in account all the results of the data regarding the heat excess, the Ragone diagram and the isotopical shift. Crossing all these data we are formulating a theory. No doubt about the increase of 62Ni, which we found many times, about the entity measured a strong work is in the making. Until this work is finished, I cannot comment on it. Many explications are under inspection.
    Warm Regards,

  46. orsobubu

    Dear Andrea, I am very very happy with the results of your work. The same history of your life is a source of great inspiration for me. I think you will become a hero! The whole event is also taking funny implications: I’m reading about respected scientific commentators speculate that you spend your time studying how to install laser hidden in the ceiling, creating special compartments like a magician’s trick box where one thing goes in and a different one comes out, depending on how the box is manipulated, or by training several hours a day in manual dexterity for the replacement of dusts. Honestly, I think, since you’ve risked everything in this adventure, also those who publicly denigrate you should not get away with it, from the point of view of their reputation and their careers.

    Do you think that would be helpful, once business gets permanent drive and you have more permanent free time, and since you risk becoming *very* rich, set up some kind of foundation to take care, protect and help, even financially, who is placed at the edge of the scientific establishment because of personal interests, or still suffered ostracism which have compromised his future as it happened to you? to make a case that we know well, mr Guglinsky has repeatedly stated here that he could not go in court, for economic reasons, to defend his rights against clear cases of plagiarism. There are several associations dedicated to fighting those who deviate from recognized knowledge, should there be even a few that deal with certain fundamentalism in the opposite direction

    another thing. are you reconsidering the possibility that Guglinsky’s hypothesis – or other versions different than the standard model – can explain the test results better than yours?

    One last thing, again about lasers. I saw the photos of alumina prototype of the new e-Cat. As I assumed for a long time, it is eventually taking the shape of the sword handles of Star Wars Jedi knights. Now it is clear to me which is the real hidden goal of your work. Very good, I’m a fan too. Don’t you think that now it is time you slow down with the 1MW plant and accelerate with the sword?

  47. Andrea Rossi

    Welcome back.
    Since the set up of the test has been totally made by the Professors of the ITP, the assumptions and the innuendos of the usual imbeciles are just insults to the integrity of 6 Professors whose entire lifes give paramount evidence of their honesty and of their knowledge in the field of Physics. For this reason such assumptions, as you correctly mean, does not merit to be taken in any consideration.
    Said this, I totally adhere to the Standard Model, with all respect for the sincere anf honest work of Wladimir Guglinski, albeit I am perfectly conscious of the fact that theories are made to be overcame. Not bad your idea of a fund to defend the mavericks.
    The 1 MW plant in the factory of the Customer should be the first stone of the commercial breakthrough, and a commercial breakthrough resolves all the discussions. The 1 MW plants are for sale since 2012, now, for the first time, we have the possibility in the USA to control the operation of our plants in a factory where they are applied to an industrial production and not in a situation of internal tests .
    In the late seventies the “experts” used to say that the idea to produce computers for “housewifes” was ridiculous and technologically impossible.
    Whatever they are saying now is totally insignificant, as well as what they said in the past.
    The Sword will annichilate them.
    Warm Regards,

  48. Italo R.

    Dear Dr. Rossi:
    assuming that on the beginning of the reaction the charge is formed with various components mixed homogeneously, and that during the reaction there are inhomogeneous variations within the charge. A sample taken at one point of the mixture is not representative of what has happened in the rest of the charge.
    Are we confident that the sample was taken significantly?
    After all, sampling is a science on its own.

    Kind Regards
    Italo R.

  49. orsobubu

    This is only a test to see if the nasty robot keeps on spamming me

  50. Andrea Rossi

    I take advantage to this comment of yours to inform that we have restricted the filter of the robot, due to attacks we received. I can assure you I have not spammed any comment of yours. When a Reader does not find published a comment, in most of cases is because there is contained a link that is taken as advertising. Please signal it, sending an email to
    with the text of the comment spammed.
    We will see what we can do
    As a matter of fact, dear Orsobubu, I was buffled by the fact that it was time you didn’t comment here. I was in permanent waiting.
    Warm Regards,

  51. Andrea Rossi

    Steven N. Karels:
    Few nuggets? In the Report of the ITP you got a Niagara Falls of nuggets!
    Warm Regards,

  52. Steven N. Karels

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    No offense taken. But I could not resist pouncing *like a Cat on a Mouse” on a possible Rossi revelation… (LOL)

    Seriously — I hope you are able, from time-to-time, to provide a few nuggets of eCat truth, theory and practice our way. We Thirst for your knowledge..

  53. Paul


    Will you ever be able to release the video of the hot-cat from the 2013 tests that lost control and melted down?

    I think that was to-date your smallest 1 MW reactor.


  54. Andrea Rossi

    We cannot release videos related to our internal R&D.
    Warm Regards,

  55. Andrea Rossi

    Gerard Cruz:
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    The domestic line is still under R&D and enormous amount of experience and designs, manufacturing projects have been made for it. It will take time, though, to get the necessary safety certification; for this several years of operation of the indistrial E-Cats will be necessary.
    The factory of Ferrara has been closed and all the stuff has been transferred in the USA.
    Warm Regards,

  56. Andrea Rossi

    Steven N. Karels:
    Ha,ha,ha,ha…Steve, I was just joking!
    Obviously, you are too intelligent not to understand that I am not laughing AT you, but WITH you.
    Warm Regards,

  57. Steven N. Karels

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    You posted “When it produces 62Ni…” So from this I assume you mean that the reaction actually changes something (e.g., other nickel isotopes) into 62Ni, as opposed to devouring the other nickel isotopes and leaving 62Ni untouched?

  58. Joseph Fine

    Andrea Rossi, Koen Vandewalle,

    Andrea is 4 years younger than I am. Despite his youth, he knows much more about Physics and E-Cats than I do.

    My cat, Nina, sends regards to both of you.

    Joseph Fine

  59. Hello Dr. Rossi,
    So much has occurred since our last correspondence. Firstly, congratulations on the recently published test results! They have certainly created more positive interest in your technology.
    My question refers to the plant in Ferrara, Italy that was heated prior to 2009 by what must be the Grandmother of E-Cats. Is this boiler still in operation? I realize that I am still encouraging your previous efforts to create an affordable home style unit. At present, it seems that you and partners are occupied primarily with the larger energy generation projects. Thanks for your reply. I wish you continued success!
    Best regards,
    Gerard Cruz-Molina
    Brooklyn, NYC

  60. Joseph Fine

    Koen Vandewalle,

    Based on the previous experiment, first I would have to say:

    “Let there be light!” (Or FIAT LUX)

    All the rest are details.

    Joseph Fine

  61. Andrea Rossi

    Nice, thank you,
    Warm Regards

  62. Andrea Rossi

    Steven N. Karels:
    Of course the E-Cat sings! When everything goes well, full power, he sings “Twist and Shout”, when things go not too well he sings ” Please don’t cry loving me”. When it produces 62Ni he emits dodecaphonic notes ( not easy to reconcile).
    Warm Regards,

  63. Steven N. Karels

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    I know you cannot discuss what occurs inside the eCat reactor but will an operator hear any sound from the eCat during normal operation? Some devices have a pitch that operators know by experience whether the device is operating correctly. Does the eCat reactor “sing”?

  64. Andrea Rossi

    Alessandro Coppi:
    Warm Regards,

  65. Andrea Rossi

    Koen Vandewalle:
    So, Prof. Joseph Fine: are you an alias of Andrea Rossi? I never knew, but you never know…
    Warm Regards,

  66. Koen Vandewalle

    Dear Professor Joseph Fine,

    Most of the time you very precisely comment on topic, besides some joke or a teaser to make us read on some very interesting subjects. Remember I suspected you of really being an alias of Andrea Rossi. I think he likes your comments, but maybe he might consider you a pain in the head.

    Having a teacher like you, would make me want to become a nuclear scientist.
    But what happened yesterday is very uncomprehensive to me.

    Suppose, for once, that you have to create a universe. How would you begin ? For now and for the simplicity you can omit side-effects as organic life. Just to create some matter.

    Kind Regards,

  67. Alessandro Coppi

    Hi Andrea, you should say soon that E-CAT doesn’t work at all, because the prices of the Brent and WTI are dropping silently, and many rich guys will lose a lot of money around the world.
    Great days we are going to live!


    Alessandro Coppi

  68. Andrea Rossi

    Giovanni Guerrini:
    I think you are right, but nobody can stop a commercial breakthrough. This is why we have now to focus excusively on our 1MW plant and the related R&D and nothing else.
    Warm Regards

  69. Giovanni Guerrini

    Dear Mr Rossi,
    in these 3-4 years I have seen a strange phenomenon.
    There are some people (and in some groups a lot of people)who,when I speak about this concrete chance to make better this world for all,oppose without know what I am speaking about.
    They don’t want listen and seems to me that they have fear.
    So I have asked to myself: why fear?!
    I don’t know,but I have a hypothesis.
    It could be that these people feel good because they are in a position better than a lot of other people and they have fear to lose their comparative privilege.
    So they become clowns who follow,unawares,their instict of “homo homini lupus” and “mors tua vita mea”.
    I hope my hypothesis is wrong,because it would be very sad.
    Culturally today the idea that “I have ergo sum” is still strong and I think that a thecnology that give more well being to all will be a great gift also for these people because they will be forced to evolve.
    But I hope my hypothesis is wrong.

    Regards G G

  70. Andrea Rossi

    To the Readers:
    One of the few clowneries around, regarding the Report, on some blog, merits a comment, just to put in evidence the total lack of “bona fides” of the usual persons:
    1- ” The clamps of the electric power have been inverted”: obviously it is a false innuendo. The clamps have never been inverted.
    2- ” The resistances of the dummy were different from the resistences of the Hot Cat”: obviously it is false, because there was not a dummy and a Hot Cat, the same Hot Cat has been measured without charge ( and in this status has been defined “dummy”) and with charge ( and in this status has been defined “Hot Cat”); the behavior of the resistances, as I explained already, changes and is not linear, because it interacts with the reactor and the reactions. I cannot give more information about this particular, for obvious reasons.
    Warm Regards,

  71. Curbina

    Dear Mr. Rossi:

    I haven’t asked anything here in a long time (last time was around 2012), but I’m curious of one thing that I haven’t seen yet asked to you after the release of the report: In your opinion the results were Positive or Negative? (For me they were very positive, but I’m more interested in your perspective, of course, the results, as you also announced a few days before the release of the report, are tremendously important).

  72. Andrea Rossi

    Positive. Important. Problematic under a theoretical point of view, and we are working on this.
    Warm Regards,

  73. Andrea Rossi

    Dear Readers:
    I am receiving a snowball of comments, in any form and with the most creative excuses, to get more information regarding the reactor tested by the ITP: questions regarding charge,powders, alumina, resistances, photographies, cables, you name it, you got it. For me it is not a pleasure to spam all of them. For this reason, please take notice of the fact that I cannot give any more information about the reactor in positive or in negative. I cannot, as well, give any information, so far, regarding the R&D and the theoretical study started from the publication of the Report.
    Warm Regards,

  74. eernie1

    Dear Andrea,
    Have you ever placed one of your filled Alumina tubes without any external connections on alumina blocks inside a microwave oven and observed the tube with an IR camera while irradiating it with the microwaves? Might be an interesting easy to do test.

  75. Andrea Rossi

    I cannot give information about our R&D.
    Thank you for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,

  76. Yona

    Dear andrea Rossi. Now after the successful report, when it will be possible for visitors to come to see the 1mw plant ( as you said) ? Thanks and good luck

  77. Andrea Rossi

    The visitors will be accepted to visit the plant after the period of perfectionment of the set up. You know plants problems ( I know who you are) and you know perfectly well that a complex like this needs up to 1 year to go through all the problems that come out by the day, when you put at work a new technology in operation for a production process that implies 24 hour per day of labour of the plant, 350 days per year.
    Thank you for your distinguished attention.
    Warm Regards,

  78. Andrea Rossi

    Dr :
    Unfortunately, we HAVE TO climb the Everest !
    We are studying throughly the results and some light is beginning to be turned on.
    Warm Regards,

  79. Joseph Fine

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    I apologize for writing relativistic ‘photons’ as all photons travel at the speed of light. I meant there could be a gravitational red-shift operating on the gamma rays (due to the mass of the nucleus) and if the gammas were close enough, under the proper conditions they would bend and lose energy (be red-shifted or increase wavelength) to the lattice.

    I’d prefer climbing the Appalachians. It’s much warmer and there’s more air to breathe.

    Thank you,

    Joseph Fine

  80. Andrew

    Andrea Rossi,
    How do you comment the fact that after thousand of tests you find out just now a such massive isotopical shift in Ni? Does this result somehow relates to the way the Cat was operated (Not Self sustained mode)?
    Beasides, are you aware of the value of the waste products that comes out of the Cat?
    If I am not wrong 1 milligram of Ni 62 at that purity (over 99%) can cost over 1000$.
    Seems you have in your hard a technology whose worthiness goes a lot beyond heat production.
    Always wishing best luck

  81. Joseph Fine

    Andrea Rossi,

    If you divide the Energy Density of each dot (W-h/Kg) on the Ragone Plot by the corresponding Power Density (W/Kg), the result is the duration (in hours) of the test.

    The March 2014 E-Cat ran for (1.6/2.1)*1000 hours = 31.75 days while the Pu-238 system Energy and Power Densities appear to be based on projected operation of ( 9.7*10^9/500) hours or 2,215 years!

    The advantage in using the Pu-238 system seems limited if the user must wait over 2,000 years to get almost the same Energy Density as an E-Cat that operates for 6 months! Plus there are the Radiation concerns for any Pu-238 system.

    ( 6 * 1.6*10^9 = 9.6 * 10^9 W-h/Kg )

    How do you keep (most) Gammas in the nuclei? While staying within Standard Physics?

    (It seems to be a good question.)

    The following ‘crazy’ thought popped up (in a dream, as usual) that, at the femto-meter level, relativistic photons (when created in the nuclei) are extremely close to several femto-scale event horizons (tiny black holes) and rapidly lose energy to the lattice.

    I apologize for offending anyone with this crazy comment, but “is it crazy enough to be true”?

    (You don’t have to answer, but I have to ask.)

    Relativistic regards,

    Joseph Fine

  82. Andrea Rossi

    Dr Joseph Fine:
    I am studying the results of the test to reconcile the isotopical shifts.
    I am doing this with a nuclear physicist well known and expert of the matter and stronger than me in advanced mathematics. Perhaps we are approaching the beginning of a percourse to a reconciliation, remaining in the standard model, therefore avoiding dangerous exotic temptations. We want to find at any cost the solution. It is hard, it is not like climbing the Appalachian Mountains, but even the Everest has been climbed, at last. Just working.
    Lavolale, lavolale!
    Warm Regards,

  83. Andrea Rossi

    Hank Mills:
    Dr Brian Ahern is a sincere and honest scientist. He says what he sincerely thinks to be right. Sometimes with excess of nerve, but I prefer go to the core of problems, ignoring the form outside.
    Speaking of things that count, and not of the useless blabla, the work made by Ahern with nickel and hydrogen is smart, as I already said in the period during which we got not very tender words from him. I confirm my opinion that he will be probably the first one to arrive to an industrial product after us. His publication has been very convincing for us.
    Thank you for the kind information.
    Warm Regards,

  84. Hank Mills

    Hello Everyone,

    A new article on PESN has been posted about how Dr. Brian Ahern, a scientist and long time LENR researcher, has changed his opinion about the paper documenting the month long test of a high temperature E-Cat. Initially, he indicated that he believed no excess heat had been produced. Such a statement aligns with his previous skeptical comments about the technology. But after consulting with an expert in IR measurements – who declared the cameras and methodologies used during the test were correct and the same as he would have chosen – his doubts were resolved. He now feels the results are accurate. Please read the full article at:–Brian-Aherns_Doubts_on_E-Cat_Test_Resolved/

    Perhaps he will be one of many previously skeptical individuals to recognize the truth that the E-Cat works.

  85. Andrea Rossi

    Bill Conley:
    My presence has been clearly explained in the Report, as well as its limitations. The necessity of technical assistance in case of breakages is obvious. I am the sole guy that could repair any breakage. Luckily, no breakage happened. The commercial plant is not going to make a demonstration, it has to make a profitable work for the Customer who pays for it.
    Thank you for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,

  86. Luca

    Dear AR
    “When you see the light out of tunnel….” I hope that this isnt a train!!
    This just a joke!!!
    Congratulation for your result….and….. I dont forget Sergio Focardi.

  87. Andrea Rossi

    Gian Luca:
    Thank you for the info. About the talking: I take notice of the fact that our opponents are again trying to use my past to assassinate my character
    This gives evidence of the validity of my work, if after 5 years they still need to use that as an argument.
    Warm Regards,

  88. Bill Conley

    Andrea Rossi,

    First I’m am a big supporter of you and the eCat and often defend you both against skeptics/trolls on various blogs. I also accept the results of the test as true and accurate.

    The last test was an opportunity to for the test team to answer many of the criticisms that were leveled at the first test. Two majors issues were that the first test took place on your premises and in your presence. This time the tests were wisely moved to an independent facility and the expectation is that you would not be present either.

    Then we find out that you “intervened” (page 7) at several important points in the process. Why was this necessary when all must have known that this would just be ammunition for your critics to cry foul and fraud. I do not understand why you were even there to feed this narrative. I think it would have been much wiser to not even have set foot in the facility and allowed these courageous professors to claim complete independence. Now you cast an unnecessary shadow over the event.

    Best wishes going forward. I hope that the demonstration of the commercial plant comes soon.

  89. Gian Luca

    Dear A.R.
    while we are talking about the discovery of the millennium (after the wheel) publish this article, but does not mention or LENR E-CAT. Meanwhile, oil continues its descent toward $ 80 a barrel
    Ad Majora…..

    Gian Luca

  90. Andrea Rossi

    Felix Rends:
    I thank you very much for your comment, that I think is important for the following reasons:
    1- Brian Josephson is a Nobel Prize laureate ( one of the youngest Nobel Prize awarded of the History)
    2- Because his article has been written on Nature, even if its blog
    Well, this is a very beautiful moment.
    Warm Regards,

  91. Dear Andrea Rossi,


    Brian Josephson (awarded for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973) comment at

    The most important news of the year, perhaps, not just the last seven days? The results of a new investigation into the Rossi reactor (allegedly a high-power cold fusion reactor), involving running the reactor over a 32-day period, are now out. The report not only confirms output power far in excess of anything possible by chemical reaction, but also gives a clear indication that a nuclear reaction is occurring, on the basis of a substantial change in the isotopic proportions of Li and Ni over the period of the run. The report, entitled Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel may be seen at….

    As before, I predict that pigs will fly before Nature makes any mention of the report, which has also been put on hold by the physics preprint archive (with an earlier report, a leaked email disclosed that the moderators were trying hard to find a reason to block the report but eventually gave in).

    Brian Josephson

    Best Regards
    Felix Rends

  92. silvio caggia

    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    The ITPR says that your e-cat was able to produce 1 gram of Nickel 62 isotope with a purity of 99,3%. Do you have any idea of the commercial value of such high refined material?
    You have not to recycle e-cat ashes, you have to sell them! :-)

  93. Andrea Rossi

    Henry Ethancourt:
    Thank you for the information,
    Warm Regards,

  94. alex

    Dear Ing. Rossi,

    In your reply to Daniel G.Zavela you wrote:

    “ is the milestone that signals the first commercial product based on LENR the free market. The success of this plant goes beyond anything else, and nothing will take a single hour of my work but it from now through the end of 2015″. Does this mean that you are targeting roll out of commercial e-car or hot-cat, or domestic e-cat, for early 2016?

    God be with you.

  95. Andrea Rossi

    What I answered to Daniel G. Zavela means that I will not accept any engagement of any sort until the 1 MW plant supplied to the Customer will be totally and definitely running in a regular, easy operation, without trouble making of any sort.
    About the domestic application, I already explained.
    Warm Regards,

  96. Andrea Rossi

    Neri B.:
    Warm Regards,

  97. Andrea Rossi

    Koen Vandewalle:
    Thank you for your opinion,
    Warm Regards,

  98. Koen Vandewalle

    Overnight re-reading of the report makes me consider the following:

    This does not need publiciation in a scientific journal. The output/input measurement is plain vanilla up-to-date thermodynamics analysis, executed on a very professional way with perfect scientific approach.

    This document fits in courses and professional litterature -and why not in advertising for industrial measurement technics- that should be studied by every technical university student and technical professional involved with heat-related issues.
    These are the guys that will offer, sell, install and service the final devices. If they “buy it”, their employers will buy it.

    Sorry for posting and commenting too much. But this excellent, well written report, full of facts and proof deserves better than “opinion-by-reference-authority”-approach.